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  • Succulente e Cactacee
  • Succulente Cono
  • Piante Aromatiche
  • Ulivo
  • Artificial Bouquets

    A magnificent collection of artificial bouquets, designed and put together by top florists. Hard to distinguish from real flowers!

  • Preserved Roses

    Preserved flowers are a perfect option for long-lasting, beautiful arrangements without using silks. Each flower undergoes a special and intricate process to preserve the quality and integrity of the petals which are then dyed with rich and outstanding colors.

  • Moss Stabilized

    The stabilized moss is treated with an environmentally friendly biodegradable preparation liquid, so that it will continue to thrive for a long time and retain its natural colouring. The moss needs no maintenance at all, and does not  need water or light. The stabilized green is an innovative type of furniture and still not widespread, softens the space and creates a natural environment.