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Alice in Wonderland Wedding Ideas

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Ideas
dic 7, 2016

A tardy rabbit, Mad Tea Parties and a Queen that’s seeing Red are just a few of the iconic characters we’ve all grown to know and love in Wonderland’s little world.
Like Alice in Wonderland, this decor transports you to a world of curiosity and magic.  A world where fairy tales are anything but stories and little girls can save the day.
If you too used to be much muchier…we welcome you to find it once more in the breathtaking world of Alice in Wonderland.
Mismatched teacups, glassware, and tea pots will help to invoke all the zaniness of the Mad Hatter's tea party - especially when you team it with pretty bunting and flowers.
So... I can’t go back to yesterday, because I was a different Person then.
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland.