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Magical Botanical Wedding

Magical Botanical Wedding
apr 1, 2020

The botanical wedding trend is all about bringing the outside inside and putting foliage at the heart of your special day.

Take inspiration from the great outdoors, with delicate sprigs of foliage, forest touches and cascading lush grasses.

The cool tones of eucalyptus, soft edges of ferns and traditional lemon leaf are ideal foundations for flower arrangements.

For a softer look, add gypsolia. Its tiny, cloud-like blooms evoke gardens and country weddings.

And don’t just stick to white – pastel tones or natural greys, beiges and pale pinks in icing can all create warmth against the backdrop of heavy foliage and pale neutrals.

Maximize the woodland atmosphere with floral garlands, add delicately lit bulbs above the reception venue.

For large spaces, or high ceilings, miniature trees can help fill a reception venue and create a magical atmosphere.

Perfect for naming tables, potted plants at a rustic touch to add depth to a simple table arrangement.

A botanical wedding theme works best when it’s aligned to the seasons, reflecting the natural world outside.