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Naturally Rustic Wedding

Naturally Rustic Wedding
apr 21, 2020

Rustic weddings are always a popular wedding theme choice, especially among couples who want a cool, relaxed vibe on their big day. But what is a rustic wedding?

Rustic weddings take shape and are often influenced by the nature and country that surrounds the area.

Rustic weddings are often confused with vintage weddings, but they are actually quite different. While the rustic theme focuses more on the natural elements and the great outdoors, a vintage wedding draws its inspiration from times gone by. Vintage weddings often have an antique Victorian flavour to them.

Rustic weddings have a strong country, garden or farm-like influence, and they tend to feature lots of natural textures such as bark, and various organic materials and fibres.

You will want to focus on natural items, so think about using seasonal fruits and wild-flowers, wood, burlap, twine, and moss to create beautiful decor. A rustic wedding is one which lends itself to DIY elements. So, if you’re particularly handy with DIY projects, now’s the time to get stitching, gluing, and tying!

You can also bring in country and shabby-chic elements including mason jars, lace, hay-bales, and gingham fabrics.

It’s more about the overall vibe than the individual details.