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Wedding street food!

Wedding street food!
nov 27, 2015

Street food has been enjoying a massive surge in cities across the world.

Every city has its own delicacies, in New York it’s the hot dog, Los Angeles loves a taco truck, Amsterdam has chips and peanut mayo, and here in Italia? Well, it ranges from delicious regional food, vegane & organic food, to ice cream or pies and everything in between.

These trucks might be more used to feeding festivals and farmers’ markets, but they’ve started honing their skills and catering for weddings too.

A cool new trend is set to join them, it’s all about the food trucks!

Cool, casual, and totally tasty, food trucks can be a quirky, memorable and an often budget-friendly way to feed your guests at a laid back wedding.

Top tips for having a food truck at your wedding

– This might seem like a no-brainer, but make sure you’ll have enough food. Some of your guests may have big appetites (people often won’t have had lunch or even breakfast before the wedding).

– Choose standing-friendly food. Be sure to choose small dishes that your guests can manage with a glass of bubbly in hand!

– Talk to your truckers. Food truck owners may be used to serving big groups of people, but there is a certain standard of service (and speed) expected at weddings.

– Chances are you’re a couple if you’re opting for street food, but be sure your vendors know what’s expected (napkins, presentation, time-frame), and have enough staff and supplies to meet the demands of your guests.

– Ask about permission for parking outside your venue, you might even need to enquire about electricity hook-ups. Make sure there’s room for your truck to park, with space for your guests to queue outside.

– Finally, think of the weather. What if it rains, is baking hot, or super windy on your wedding day? Consider all options when choosing where to position your truck, and how to plan the logistics.

– Don’t forget to take some photographs in front of your food truck with funny photo props. It’s the perfect chance to get some quirky, candid snaps during the day.

– Fun, tasty, and the perfect photo op, an ice-cream truck at your wedding is probably the easiest of the bunch to pull off.

Have a fun wedding!